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Browse the archives and discover how to stop painful foot blisters from ruining your favourite pursuits.

Sharni was getting big toe blisters with football

Big Toe Blisters With Football [Case Study]

Here's a conversation I had with Ray. His daughter Sharni has been getting big toe blisters with football for 4 years. Now... problem solved!

How to stretch your calf muscle - the importance of foot position

Calf Stretch Video Demo - Technique is EVERYTHING!

As a podiatrist, the most common stretch I give people for lots of foot problems (including some blisters) is calf stretches. But technique is EVERYTHING! Watch the video.

toe box width and depth - how to find it

Toe Box Width & Depth: How Do You Find It?

Depending on the shape of your toes, some shoes need more toe box width, others need more toe box depth than average. So, how do you find it?

pinch blisters between toes on pinky

Pinch Blisters Between Toes: Pictures and Fixes

You can tell if you're at risk of pinch blisters between toes - you'll notice a ridge of thick skin under your toe. Pictures provided.

injinji toesocks for blister prevention are a great fit

How To Choose Toesocks For Blister Prevention

How do you choose the right pair of Injinji toesocks for blister prevention? Learn about fibre content, different thicknesses and activity-specific features.

toe blister treatment for pinch blister

Toe Blister Treatment & Prevention

Toes get sweaty, swell, rub together and jam into the toebox. When it comes to toe blister treatment, here's what you need to know to get lasting relief.

heel lock lacing technique

The Heel-Lock Lacing Technique For Blister Prevention

The heel-lock lacing technique is my favourite all-in-one blister prevention strategy for heel blisters and most toe blisters. Watch these 3 videos.

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