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Q&A With Adam Inglis of Blister Wool
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Q&A With Adam Inglis of Blister Wool

Blister Wool is the newest addition to our expanding product range at Blister Prevention. So, to introduce you to this 100% Australian product, I sat down with Blister Wool founder, Adam Inglis, to...

sport-specificA day on the slopes can be ruined by ski boot blisters - image by maarten-duineveld Unsplash

Ski Boot Blisters: Painful Reality or Non-Issue?

In this article, we explore the prevalence of ski boot blisters, the factors contributing to them, and what skiers are doing to treat them.

pressureSpenco Rx Comfort insoles with packaging

Spenco Insoles Prevent Blisters Under Feet

In 1968, researchers described the “ball-bearing effect” of a new closed-cell neoprene Spenco insole material and found it prevents blisters.

macerationWaterproof socks indispensible

Waterproof Socks Indispensable, But There's a Catch

The only thing that will stop the external water getting in contact with your skin is waterproof socks. But even then there’s a slight catch.

blister scienceRubbing does not cause friction blisters on the feet

Rubbing Not Required For Friction Blisters, Here's Why

Some people can’t get past the mistaken/flawed idea that blisters are caused by rubbing. It's understandable. But here's what's wrong with the rubbing theory.

runningrunning blisters on feet

Running Blisters Are A Common Injury [Research]

Would you believe me if I told you running blisters are actually THE most common injury in running? Here's the research to prove it.