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Browse the archives and discover how to stop painful foot blisters from ruining your favourite pursuits.

Spenco Rx Comfort insoles with packaging

Spenco Insoles Prevent Blisters Under Feet

In 1968, researchers described the “ball-bearing effect” of a new closed-cell neoprene Spenco insole material and found it prevents blisters.

How to stretch your calf muscle - the importance of foot position

Calf Stretch Video Demo - Technique is EVERYTHING!

As a podiatrist, the most common stretch I give people for lots of foot problems (including some blisters) is calf stretches. But technique is EVERYTHING! Watch the video.

back of heel blisters

6 Popular Ways To Prevent A Back-of-Heel Blister

Back-of-heel blisters are the most common heel blister. Learn how to implement the 6 most popular preventions and find out how they work.

heel blister treatment band-aid

Heel Blister Treatment & Prevention

Learn how to master the art of heel blister treatment and prevention, including back-of-heel, under the heel and edge heel blisters.

heel lock lacing technique

The Heel-Lock Lacing Technique For Blister Prevention

The heel-lock lacing technique is my favourite all-in-one blister prevention strategy for heel blisters and most toe blisters. Watch these 3 videos.

wear holes in the back of the shoe heel counter

Why Do I Wear Holes In The Back Of My Shoes?

I used to wear holes in the back of my shoes very quickly, and have to throw them out well before time. It's a common problem. Here how to fix it.

under heel blisters

4 Ways To Prevent An UNDER Heel Blister

An under heel blister is rather uncommon. When they do occur, they're most often suffered by runners and hikers on downhill terrain.

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