Big Toe Blisters With Football [Case Study]

Sharni was getting big toe blisters with football
Last week I showed how I can help you find the right information to get on top of your ongoing blister issues. Today I’ve got a case study of big toe blisters with football that highlights three things:
  1. How debilitating ongoing blisters can be
  2. How difficult it can be to find the right advice
  3. How the right information, freely available on my website, can make all the difference

This is a Facebook Messenger conversation with Ray. It concerns some nasty big toe blisters that his daughter Sharni has been trying to deal with (unsuccessfully) for 4 years. The pic at the top of this article is Sharni representing the Northern Country Knights at the City vs Country under-14s. Ray and Sharni have provided permission for me to share this with you.

3rd Nov, 2021

Ray: Hi. My daughter needs help. No one has been able to fix this and you are her last hope. I'll send u some pics of her feet.

Ray: She is a great football player making all the state teams and even for NSW. But her blisters are getting the better of her and no-one has been able to help get it right. Hoping you can help.

5th Nov, 2021

Rebecca: Hi Ray. Sorry I missed your message. Read this about big toe blisters

Rebecca: Try the ENGO Patches first – use the two-patch technique. If that’s not enough, she needs to see a podiatrist as there’s a particular biomechanical function that needs to be facilitated, probably with orthotics, but possibly other things, assuming there is range of motion in the joint. Obviously I can’t advise you on this part.

Ray: Can I get these ENGO patches from chemists or only through your online store? Thanks for your reply.

Rebecca: Not chemists Ray – check this link on where you can buy ENGO Blister Patches.

Ray: So they stick to the inner sole of the shoe not the foot? I’ll order some now.

Rebecca: That’s right – the shoe/insole/orthotic, not the skin.

Rebecca: Here is some important information to familiarise yourself:

Ray: Thank you so much

Ray: Here’s her toe a day after the last pic.

Rebecca: Better read up on blister treatment Ray. Try this video as a starter:

Ray: Thanks. I’ve ordered some engo patches to see how they go. Thanks for your help - I really appreciate it and so does my daughter. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Rebecca: Keep in touch Ray – would love to know how you guys go.

Ray: Thank you I will keep you up to date. Will they stick to leather footy boots?? Thanks again

Rebecca: Yes, that will be fine Ray. Be sure to watch the videos on those product pages - I show you how to apply them. The tricky bit will be getting access to that toe area of the boot – some of them don’t “open out” via the laces like most shoes to make it easier. Do your best.

16th Nov, 2021 (11 days later)

Ray: Hi Rebecca. Just an up date on Sharni’s blisters. Last week due to covid there was no sport. I received my ENGO patches and put them in Friday. She played Sunday for 4hrs - State Cup training which is full on (and guess what no blisters). Monday she refereed 1 hour of OzTag games, then played a 1-hour game. In a very competitive game, she came off and she had tears in her eyes. I said "are your blisters hurting" and she said "no my feet are the best I have ever felt them, dad, I cant feel any blisters at all!" She was so happy and emotional that for the first time in 4yrs she had no blisters. And tonight (Mon 16/11) she played competition State Cup touch-football. As soon as she got home I asked the question again "how’s your feet" and she said "dad still no blisters and can you please thank the lady you have been talking to and let her know how my feet are and thank her for helping me". She is just so exited to finally be blister-free from your help and recommendations. So I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help and direction you pointed me in to help with Sharni’s foot blisters. I will be ordering up a big few orders over the next month to stock up on the engo patches because without these she has no sporting future. And because of you she has played 3 days without any pain and without ending up with any more blisters - (1st time ever). So again thank you for your help and guidance in the last few weeks. People are already asking about the outcome and I have spoken very highly about the engo patches. Everyone from Port knows how much Sharni has suffered from her blisters and wanted to know how we finally got a no blister result after suffering for such a long time. I am steering them all to your website and tell them to watch your videos and find out what blisters are caused from, different blisters and the best treatment for them. And most of all the engo patches. So once again Rebecca, thank you so much. From Ray and Sharni

Rebecca: Oh you’ve made my day, Ray. I’m so happy for you all. Thank you for letting me know and all the best to Sharni.

Ray: It’s a miracle and it’s all because of you. Can I ask... for the first time tonight she never wore anything on her feet except her blister socks. Should we be going no strapping now that her foot is on the mend? Or lightly strap it? That’s the only part of the jigsaw I’m missing. Thanks again Rebecca, you're an absolute LEGEND and the only one that has got a result on Sharni’s blisters in 4yrs. Thank you, I appreciate the advice you have given us and we truly grateful.

Rebecca: Hard to say Ray. Give it 8 weeks of no new blisters before you trial without tape. Tape only provides a little bit of blister prevention power compared to the Engo Patches. Whether that little bit is significant in Sharni’s case, you’ll only know by trying. Let me know how it goes.

Rebecca: Oh, so already she can go without tape? Unreal! Out of interest, which blister socks is she wearing?

Ray: Balega blister socks

Rebecca: Nice, I love my Balega socks too😁

Ray: So they must be good ones if you wear them.

18th Nov, 2021

Ray: Hi Rebecca. Sharni refereed for 1 hour, then after that, played two 40-min games with no strapping - only engo on inner soles and blister socks. Absolutely remarkable, not one blister at all. She is one happy girl thanks to you.

Well done Ray and Sharni - and thank you for sharing your story with us.

Now it's over to you...

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