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Browse the archives and discover how to stop painful foot blisters from ruining your favourite pursuits.

Spenco Rx Comfort insoles with packaging

Spenco Insoles Prevent Blisters Under Feet

In 1968, researchers described the “ball-bearing effect” of a new closed-cell neoprene Spenco insole material and found it prevents blisters.

How to stretch your calf muscle - the importance of foot position

Calf Stretch Video Demo - Technique is EVERYTHING!

As a podiatrist, the most common stretch I give people for lots of foot problems (including some blisters) is calf stretches. But technique is EVERYTHING! Watch the video.

distal forefoot blister appearing between the toes

Distal Forefoot Blisters: A Confusing Blister Location

Blisters appearing somewhere between the ball of the foot and the base of the toes (distal forefoot blisters) are uncommon and confusing, but preventable.

modified donut pad for weightbearing blister 882

Weightbearing Blister Relief: Lesson #3 From Adelaide 2019

A weightbearing blister can be devastatingly painful when you have to keep walking and running on it. Find out what you'll need to give it real relief.

blister under foot torn macerated

5 Ways To Prevent A Blister On Bottom Of Foot

Here are the 5 best ways to prevent blisters under the ball of your foot, and how to get relief if you already have one.

running in Luna sandals

I've Just Started Running In Luna Sandals

I recently changed from running shoes to running in luna sandals. The first few runs on the flat were fine. Then I did a 16km hilly run two days ago.

soccer ball and synthetic pitch

Matildas Not Fans Of World Cup Synthetic Pitch

Matildas striker Michelle Heyman slammed the conditions of the turf. The synthetic pitch is absorbing heat at a rapid rate due to rubber materials used.

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