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Browse the archives and discover how to stop painful foot blisters from ruining your favourite pursuits.

netball foot injuries

Foot Blisters In Netball

New research has explored foot problems reported by male and female netball players. This article highlights foot blisters in netball.

ToesCovid toe images

Covid Toe - Not Blisters, More Like Chilblains

Dr John Campbell updates us on the condition known as Covid toe, based on the most recent study from France. Here's what they look like.

Toesblisters on tips of toes

Blisters On Tips Of Toes: Causes, Prevention, And Treatment

Rather than your toes hitting the end of your shoe, blisters on tips of toes have more to do with your toes bending over so the toe tip becomes weightbearing.

Forefootbunions and blisters

Bunions And Blisters: A Comprehensive Guide

Bunions are a striking foot deformity. Unsurprisingly, bunions and blisters often go together - in certain shoes and with increased activity.

Toescutting holes in running shoes for toe blisters

Cutting Holes In Running Shoes To Relieve Blisters

In ultramarathon running, feet swell and toes can blister, badly. This article shows how cutting holes in running shoes can help you can stay in the race.

Toesthick toenail with fungal infection before trimming

Thick Toenails: Cause, Symptoms & Treatment

It only takes one episode of trauma to the right (or should I say wrong) part of your toe and you’ll be stuck with thick toenail (onychauxis) for life.

Architchy foot blisters could be tinea pedis

Itchy Foot Blisters: Could Your Blisters Be Fungal?

Tinea pedis (athlete’s foot) often appears as small itchy foot blisters. But tinea blisters are very different to friction blisters.

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