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It’s Time To Say Goodbye To The Heat-Moisture-Friction Paradigm

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To The Heat-Moisture-Friction Paradigm

Unfortunately, the fact is, the heat-moisture-friction paradigm of blister causation is an oversimplification, and it's misleading. Say hello to the Shear Paradigm. This is important because cause ...

toe fit check standing on two different insoles - Hoka Gaviota and Brooks Ariel

Toe Fit Check: 2 Things Your Insole Can Tell You About Shoe Fit

Believe it or not, the insole of your shoe is a super helpful indicator of how well your shoes fit your toes. I still use this Toe Fit Check to show my clients whether their blisters, callouses, co...

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Pompholyx feet

The Many Types and Causes of Foot Blisters

There are many types and causes of foot blisters. This article highlights over 20 of them. Find out about their signs, symptoms and causes.

ENGO Blister Patches large ovals two patch technique for forefoot edge blister

Medial Forefoot Edge Blister Prevention

When I played hockey, I had an almost permanent medial forefoot edge blister. This runner had the same. Here's how to prevent them.

netball foot injuries

Foot Blisters In Netball

New research has explored foot problems reported by male and female netball players. This article highlights foot blisters in netball.

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monkeypox blisters

Monkeypox Blisters

The World Health Organisation has declared monkeypox a global emergency. Let's distinguish between monkeypox blisters and friction blisters.

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hot shot blister treatment

Hot-Shot Blister Treatment: What Is It?

The hot-shot blister treatment is an interesting (and painful) procedure. Does it help your blister heal faster? Is it worth the pain? Find out here.

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