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the different colours of blisters - blister fluid
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Blister Fluid Colours: What's Inside Your Blister?

Blister fluid is normally colourless. But it can be all shades of yellow, pink, red and purple. Find out what's inside your blister.

ToesCovid toe images

Covid Toe - Not Blisters, More Like Chilblains

Dr John Campbell updates us on the condition known as Covid toe, based on the most recent study from France. Here's what they look like.

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Blister First Aid vs Blister Treatment

Blister first aid is a small (albeit important) part of the blister treatment equation. For real relief, you need some sort of prevention.

Archinstep blisters on feet from running

Top Tips For Arch Blisters: With & Without Orthotics

Arch blisters are curious, in that the arch isn't a particularly weightbearing area of your foot. Learn how to prevent them, even if you wear orthotics.

All BlistersWhen to change your blister dressing hydrocolloid photo by Ian Corless

When To Change Your Blister Dressing

It’s important to change your blister dressing at the right time. Otherwise, you risk Infection, maceration and delayed healing.

Heelposterior heel edge blister and where the fluid is pushed

Heel Edge Blisters: They Can Trick You

Heel edge blisters occur around the heel’s rim. As your blister fills, pressure pushes the blister fluid upwards, to an area where there's less pressure. Read more here.

Toesblisters on tips of toes

Blisters On Tips Of Toes: Causes, Prevention, And Treatment

Rather than your toes hitting the end of your shoe, blisters on tips of toes have more to do with your toes bending over so the toe tip becomes weightbearing.

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