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Bad Blister Advice: It's Probably Your Shoes

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This one piece of off-the-cuff blister advice REALLY grinds my gears.

What is it about these shoes that is causing my blisters?

Has this well-intentioned advice-giver even looked at your shoes? Or your feet? Where your blister is? Or what your blister looks like?

If you get this blister advice from someone, ask:What is it about these shoes that’s causing my blisters?

Ask them to be specific. Is it because they're too:

  • Big
  • Small
  • Narrow
  • Wide
  • Old
  • New
  • Stiff
  • Flexible

Or is it the:

  • Wrong stitching
  • Bad upper material
  • Wrong tread
  • Heel pitch
  • Insole
  • Laces
  • Lacing technique
  • Wrong colour???

But seriously, without looking at your shoes, feet or blister, how can anyone tell with any certainty what the issue is.

Without knowing this, how do you know what features to avoid?

Without knowing this, who’s to say the next pair won’t have the same problem?

The reality is, shoes get the blame far too often. In the next post, read about the fellow that drove 7 hours to see me about his blisters and how I had to burst his bubble.

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