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Say Goodbye to Toe Blisters With Topo Footwear

Say Goodbye to Toe Blisters With Topo Footwear

We are excited to offer Topo footwear as part of our commitment to highlighting the absolute need for toe box room when attempting to prevent toe blisters. Visit our online store today and say good...

Introducing Altra Footwear: The Wriggle Room Your Toes Have Been Longing For

Introducing Altra Footwear: The Wriggle Room Your Toes Have Been Longing For

Do your toes bear the brunt of wearing shoes that don’t fit right? Tired of buying shoes that bear no resemblance to the shape of your feet? Had it up to here with toe blisters every time you hit t...

Get help choosing your Injinji toesocks

This Will Help You Choose Your Injinji Toesocks

This comparison table will help you choose your Injinji Toesocks based on sock properties related to blister prevention, not colour or price.

how do engo blister patches work

How ENGO Blister Patches Work

ENGO Blister Patches work by reducing the shoe-sock coefficient of friction in both WET and DRY conditions. Learn about their pros and cons.

Pellitec Blister Prevention Pads

Testing PelliTec Blister Prevention Pads

Find out how the unique 6-layered PelliTec Blister Prevention Pads work, their pros and cons, and how 8 Australian product testers fared.

ENGO Blister Patches Rectangle Pack contains 2 ENGO Rectangle Patches

ENGO Rectangle Patches: Big Area Blister Protection

Blisters vary in size. When you have big foot blisters, you need big area protection. That's where ENGO Rectangle Patches come in. Watch the demo video.

engo oval blister prevention patches large oval

ENGO Oval Blister Prevention Patches - How To Use

I've cut open some shoes for this demo video to show you EXACTLY how to use the LARGE & SMALL ENGO Oval Blister Prevention Patches.

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