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Smartwool Socks at Blister Prevention

Smartwool Socks Secrets: Merino Wool, Recycled Nylon & More

We've heard you loud and clear - you want Merino wool socks. So, we've teamed up with the best of them all, Smartwool socks, to make it happen. Let us walk you through how to choose the right Smart...

Heelnew ENGO heel patches shape

Introducing the New ENGO Heel Patches Shape

Exciting news from the makers of ENGO! Enjoy better coverage, enhanced protection and increased longevity with the new ENGO Heel Patches shape. Upgrade your experience today.

All BlistersWhich RockTape for Blister Prevention On Sweaty Feet? RockTape H2O!

Which RockTape for Blister Prevention On Sweaty Feet? RockTape H2O!

The reason RockTape H2O was developed to survive hours in the pool, is the same reason that makes it the perfect RockTape for blister prevention on sweaty feet. Its level 3 adhesive provides an ext...

All Blistersblisterpod hydrocolloid blister bandages large 6-pack new and improved

Hydrocolloid Bandages For Blisters: New & Improved

Hydrocolloid blister bandages, like Compeed, are great. Here's why BlisterPod introduced their own brand.

All BlistersTailored To Perfection: Cut-Your-Own-ENGO [Customization Guide]

Tailored To Perfection: Cut-Your-Own-ENGO [Customization Guide]

Shearban is a cut-your-own ENGO in sheet form that allows you to create custom patches tailored to your specific needs.

All BlistersBuy ENGO Blister Patches

ENGO Patches: Where To Buy

Where to buy ENGO Blister Patches? Look no further. Everything you need is right here. Browse our ENGO Collection.

All BlistersFixomull Stretch Tape

Fixation Tapes: Comparing Fixomull Stretch To 11 Other Brands

Fixomull Stretch is considered the gold standard of fixation tapes. So I tested eleven others for flexibility, adhesion and water resistance.

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