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blood blisters on big toes

Blood Blister On Foot - Do's and Don'ts

Got a blood blister? Treat it carefully. Blood blisters are more likely to get infected, compared to normal blisters. Here's why.

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burn blister

Burn Blister vs Friction Blister

It's a popular belief that foot blisters are a type of burn blister. It sounds feasible. Rubbing two sticks together generates enough heat to start a fire!

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6 Most Common Mistakes Treating Blisters

6 Common Blister Treatment Mistakes

There are six common blister treatment mistakes you should avoid if you want your foot blister to feel better and heal faster. Avoid all 6!

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Callous & Corns On Feet: Similarities To Blisters

Callous & Corns On Feet: Similarities To Blisters

What causes callouses and corns on feet? Callouses are large in surface area but shallow. Corns are small but deep and more likely to be painful.

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pop a blister without a needle

How Do You Pop A Blister Without A Needle?

You can pop your blister with something sharp, like scissors, a pin or a pocket knife. But what's the best way to pop a blister without a needle?

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Should A Blister Be Exposed To The Air To Dry Out, Or Bandaged?

Should A Blister Be Exposed To The Air To Dry Out?

Wondering should a blister be exposed to the air to let it dry out. Does it heal faster? Well, at best, it's inconsequential. At worst, it delays healing.

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how long does it take for a blister to heal blister healing time

Blister Healing Time: How Long Does It Take For A Blister To Heal?

Days, weeks, longer? How long does it really take for blisters to heal? Here's a photographic timeline of my last blister showing it took a bit over 6 weeks.

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