Q&A With Adam Inglis of Blister Wool
Prevention Strategies

Q&A With Adam Inglis of Blister Wool

Blister Wool is the newest addition to our expanding product range at Blister Prevention. So, to introduce you to this 100% Australian product, I sat down with Blister Wool founder, Adam Inglis, to...

PressureSpenco Rx Comfort insoles with packaging

Spenco Insoles Prevent Blisters Under Feet

In 1968, researchers described the “ball-bearing effect” of a new closed-cell neoprene Spenco insole material and found it prevents blisters.

Frictiondo antiperspirants prevent blisters on feet

Do Antiperspirants Prevent Blisters?

Antiperspirants have an intuitive effect on blisters by reducing sweat and therefore friction levels. But does research demonstrate antiperspirants prevent blisters?

Macerationare these waterproof gaiters

Full-Shoe Gaiters In Ultramarathon

This article looks at styles and brands of running gaiters, particularly for ultramarathon, including which one's protect against maceration.

BiomechanicsHow to stretch your calf muscle - the importance of foot position

Calf Stretch Video Demo - Technique is EVERYTHING!

As a podiatrist, the most common stretch I give people for lots of foot problems (including some blisters) is calf stretches. But technique is EVERYTHING! Watch the video.

Prevention Strategieshow do i keep my feet dry on a hot day

How Do I Keep My Feet Dry On A Hot Day?

Hot days make for sweaty feet. And what about dew-laiden grass, rain, puddles, snow and river-crossings. How do you keep your feet dry?

Blister Scienceevery blister prevention strategy works in one or more of these ways

Every Blister Prevention Strategy Works Like This

Preventing blisters can seem hit and miss at times. It shouldn't be. Every blister prevention strategy works in one of five ways.

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