The 2Toms BlisterShield Powder Difference

How to use 2Toms BlisterShield Powder

Powders make sense as a blister prevention product. They absorb moisture. They reduce friction. However, not all powders are created equal. There’s one in particular that stands head and shoulders above the rest. That powder is 2Toms BlisterShield Powder. In this article, I’ll explain why.

How Do Powders Prevent Blisters

All powders aim to reduce friction. But different powders achieve this in different ways. Talc and starch powders absorb moisture to reduce friction. The problem is, they can’t absorb very much before they reach absorptive capacity and become a paste. Pastes are abrasive and are counter to blister prevention. Sure, talc and starch powders might cut the mustard in mild temperatures, for short periods, in inactive people who don’t perspire much. But they will soon become ineffective, if not blister-causing, in hot, sweaty, active and endurance situations.

The 2Toms BlisterShield Powder Difference

2Toms Blistershield Powder is a unique powder containing PTFE and PE wax. You might be familiar with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) – it’s better known as Teflon and is what my go-to friction reducing blister prevention product, ENGO Patches are made from. It makes things super slippery, which means low friction and is great for preventing blisters. But it doesn’t need to absorb moisture to do it, which means it won’t become a paste. In fact, 2Toms Blistershield Powder is highly hydrophobic – it repels water. Take a look at the video below.

How To Use

To use 2Toms Blistershield Powder, the manufacturers recommend starting with clean and dry skin. Pour one level teaspoonful of powder (half a trial-size sachet) into each sock. Hold the sock closed around the ankle and shake it to spread the powder uniformly. Reapply as necessary. The powder will gradually disperse into the sock over the course of a vigorous day on your feet.

How To Buy

BlisterShield comes in the following sizes:
  • Trial-size sachets. Each sachet contains 2 teaspoons of powder, so you pour half in each sock.
  • 2.5 ounce (70g) resealable pouch with a plastic teaspoon to make it easy to get the right amount in each sock
  • 15 ounce (425g) shaker
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Pros and Cons

  • Does not add any bulk to the shoe
  • Repels moisture rather than absorbing it, does not become a paste
  • Can be a good choice in wet conditions where adhesive prevention products won’t stick
  • Requires reapplication over the course of a big day on your feet
  • Should tapes, dressing or other adhesive products be required (eg: a dressing over a blister), the powder will retard adhesion strength
  • Some powder may remain on feet upon removing socks, so give your feet a wash with soap and water before walking barefoot through the house.

Where it BlisterShield Made?

2Toms Blistershield Powder is made in the USA and a brand of Medi-Dyne. It can also be used to prevent chafing and saddle soreness.


If you want to try a powder, 2Toms BlisterShield Powder is the only one I’d bother with. It is different to old-school talc and starch powders as it is highly hydrophobic.

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