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Blister Patches

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Pack Size: 4-pack

ENGO Blister Patches are designed to reduce friction and battle blisters on your feet. These patches are not just for prevention; they also excel in blister treatment. Simply apply the patch directly to the affected area, and let its unique design and material do the rest. The patches conform to the shape of your foot, providing targeted cushioning and reducing pain and discomfort. They're formed just right to fit nearly all regions where blisters are likely to form—super easy! No matter how vigorous your activity, ENGO Blister Patches offer long-lasting protection and comfort.

ENGO Patches are:

  • Self-adhesive PTFE patches (PTFE is known to exhibit extremely low friction)
  • They apply to your shoe, not your skin
  • Thin: They won’t change the fit of footwear – you won’t even notice they’re there!
  • Durable: They won’t wear through for at least 300 miles
  • Latex-free: So they won’t irritate your skin
  • Cut to any size/shape with scissors

Common Uses

The ENGO blister patches come without how-to-use instructions. It represents best value to experienced users with:

  • Toe blisters
  • Arch blisters
  • Heel edge blisters
  • Forefoot edge blisters
  • Ball of foot blisters 
  • Back of heel blisters
  • All types of shoes, boots, insoles and orthotics
  • Shoes, insoles and orthotics


30-Pack Large Oval Patches

Large Oval Patches are the most versatile patch and the ENGO Blister Patches 30-Pack, unsurprisingly, contains 30 of them. Large ENGO Ovals are large enough to cover most blister-prone areas. Plus, they’re shaped perfectly to go on all areas of your footwear with ease.

Combo Pack

The ENGO Blister Patches Combo Pack comes with a combination of all four patch shapes. Suitable for all areas of your shoes, insoles & orthotics. Also suits all blister situations.


Heel Pack

The ENGO Blister Prevention Patches Heel Pack is specially designed for full coverage of blisters at the back of the heel. Use to prevent blisters at the back of the heel, and to prevent fabric wearing at the heel counter of your shoe.


Rectangle Pack

The two Rectangle Patches in the ENGO Blister Patches Rectangle Pack provide the largest area of protection for your feet. Their square shape means they apply best to flat areas like the forefoot of your insoles for large ball-of-foot blisters. For more contoured areas, like the ankle and heel area of boots, round the corners with scissors to resemble a more oval shape to make them easier to apply without creases.


Cut Your Own!

ShearBan sheets are self-adhesive backed PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) sheets, provided so you can cut to any size and shape required. ShearBan is synonymous with ENGO Blister Patches - the same self-adhesive backed PTFE provided in convenient pre-cut shapes. Use ShearBan on footwear, orthoses, AFOs and any gear to prevent blisters and help reduce callous and ulcer formation. Size is 13 inches x 8.6 inches (33cm x 22cm).

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