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Gel Toe Sleeves

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Our BlisterPod Gel Toe Protector Sleeve range was borne out of the need for better toe blister protection in sport and active lifestyles. With twice the gel protection of leading brands like Silipos, and more than 4 times that of cheaper chemist brands, you can prevent and relieve blisters, callouses and corns by absorbing the forces that cause them.

  • Full 360 degrees cushioning, excluding the toe tip (caps include toe tip).
  • Generous gel lining for enhanced protection from blisters, rubbing and irritation.
  • Perfectly elasticised to stay securely on your toe without cutting off the circulation and without sliding off.
  • Available in two sizes: Wide for the big toe; Narrow for all small toes.
  • Latex-free & hypoallergenic.
  • Washable & reusable.

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These BlisterPod Gel Toe Sleeves packs contain:

  • 2 pieces, each 6 inches (15cm) long
    – The wide pack will over 6 toes
    – The narrow pack will cover 6-8 toes, depending on your toe length
  • Cut to size with scissors (will not fray)
  • Here’s a pro-tip for you: watch the video below to see how we fit gel toe protectors for the best kind of comfort, protection and longevity (hint: this will stop them from “bunching up” between your toes).

Made for sport and active lifestyles, our BlisterPod Gel Toe Sleeves are trusted by runners, hikers, tennis players, soccer players, basketball players (… you get the picture) to provide all day comfort and protection, day in day out, to:

  • Prevent toe blisters and stop rubbing and pinching of toes.
  • Cushion and protect prominent joints of hammertoes, clawed toes, overlapping toes, under-riding toes and relieve corns and callouses.
  • Break in new shoes and take prominent seams out of the equation.
  • Not only in running shoes, hiking boots, cleats, skis etc but also in fashion shoes, high heels and sandals – whatever type of shoe you’re wearing.

Caution: Don’t try and wear a sleeve on every toe. It will spread your toes too far apart and become uncomfortable. Just use them on one toe (or two at most) on each foot at a time.

Note: Gel Toe Protector Sleeves are elasticised, fit snuggly on the toe and require both hands to apply.

Our material selection is devoted to providing your toes with longer-lasting comfort and protection in your active lifestyle. The soft ribbed outer of BlisterPod’s Gel Toe Sleeves is more durable than mesh, raw gel or foam covers. And the thicker gel layer provides your toes a better kind cushioning compared to any other toe protector on the market.


  • Inner Gel = Thermoplastic Elastomer Compound
  • Ribbed Outer = 76% Nylon and 24% Spandex
  • Latex-free, hypoallergenic, washable & reusable
  • Material Safety Data Sheet


  • Remove periodically to allow skin to dry.
  • Do not place directly on broken or blistered skin. Use only on unbroken skin.
  • Wash in warm soapy water and allow to dry.
  • Optional: Apply talcum powder to the gel to maximise longevity.

What are you waiting for? Give your toes the protection they deserve!

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