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ENGO Blister Patches Rectangle Pack

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Contents & Dimensions

The ENGO Rectangle Pack contains two Rectangle Patches to provide large area protection for your feet.

  • 2 x Rectangle patches 2.7 inches x 3.7 inches (7cm x 9.5cm)

29 in stock

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The two Rectangle Patches in the ENGO Blister Patches Rectangle Pack provide the largest area of protection for your feet. Their square shape means they apply best to flat areas like the forefoot of your insoles for large ball-of-foot blisters. For more contoured areas, like the ankle and heel area of boots, round the corners with scissors to resemble a more oval shape to make them easier to apply without creases.

ENGO Rectangle Patches are:

  • Self-adhesive PTFE patches (PTFE is known to exhibit extremely low friction)
  • They apply to your shoe, not your skin
  • Thin: So they won’t change the fit of footwear – you won’t even notice they’re there!
  • Durable: They won’t wear through for at least 300 miles
  • Latex-free: So they won’t irritate your skin
  • Cut to any size/shape with scissors
  • Made in the USA
  • MSDS


If your activity causes large blisters, choose the ENGO Rectangle Pack. Rectangle Patches are suited to:

Big blisters? Not a problem. The ENGO Blister Patches Rectangle Pack will protect your skin no matter how vigorous your activity.

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Dimensions 15.3 × 8.9 × 0.2 cm

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29 in stock

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