Dr John Campbell gives an update on Covid toe based on the most recent study of the condition.

If you’re not aware, Covid toe is a chilblain-like lesion that occurs on the fingers or toes. It’s also known as pseudo-chilblains. You can learn about chilblains here.

This most recent research (published 5th Oct 2021 in the British Journal of Dermatology) was conducted in France and compared the chilblain-like lesions of Covid toe to normal seasonal chilblain lesions we often see as podiatrists in winter.

Even if you’re not that medically-minded, Dr Campbell breaks this research down so we can all understand it.


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What Covid Toe Looks Like

Here’s the Covid Skin Signs page if you’re looking for photos of this condition.


Covid Toes Are Not Blisters

Covid toe is a chilblain-like lesion caused by the immune response to the Covid virus (not the virus itself).

Blisters are a mechanical fatigue to repetitive shear distortion within the skin.

They are quite different entities. If you’re not sure about what’s happening to your toes, please see your doctor, podiatrist or dermatologist.


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