Lukes complex hotspot
Blister Treatment

Luke's Complex Ball-Of-Foot Hotspot Case Study

Luke's training for his first marathon. He's tried 3 pairs of shoes but is still getting hotspots under his feet. Read Luke's complex hotspot case study.

Blister Treatmentfelt donut pad for blisters under the ball of the foot

DIY Donut Pads For Blisters Under Your Feet

I’ve got some DIY donut pads for blisters tricks-of-the-podiatry-trade to share so you can get the greatest relief for your blister when you need it most.

Blister Treatmentcutting holes in running shoes for toe blisters

Cutting Holes In Running Shoes To Relieve Blisters

In ultramarathon running, feet swell and toes can blister, badly. This article shows how cutting holes in running shoes can help you can stay in the race.

Blisters By Locationdon't stick tape to blisters

Pinch Callous: Evidence Of Taping Gone Wrong

This pinch callous turned into a blister, in spite of taping. This is common. Taping is not the best option. Then, because it was weakened, this happened!

Prevention Strategiesmy new shoes gave me blisters

My New Shoes Give Me Blisters

My new shoes give me blisters, he said, and demanded a refund. However, I couldn't find anything wrong with them or the way they fitted. Here's why.

Prevention Strategiesheel lock lacing technique

Shoe-Fit Is Important, But It's Not Everything

Shoe-fit is a basic prevention strategy you have to get right (or as close as possible to it) to make things easy for yourself. But it's not everything.

Blister Scienceare callouses protective of blisters

Do Callouses Protect Against Blisters?

Some people swear callouses keep them blister-free and build them with pride. Others get them shaved off. So, do callouses protect against blisters?

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