Pompholyx feet

The Many Types and Causes of Foot Blisters

There are many types and causes of foot blisters. This article highlights over 20 of them. Find out about their signs, symptoms and causes.

Othermonkeypox blisters

Monkeypox Blisters

The World Health Organisation has declared monkeypox a global emergency. Let's distinguish between monkeypox blisters and friction blisters.

Macerationplantar hyperhidrosis

Plantar Hyperhidrosis: Blister Prevention and Excessively Sweaty Feet

Plantar hyperhidrosis is where sweat glands are especially overactive. It can leave your feet dripping with sweat for no apparent reason.

OtherCovid toe images

Covid Toe - Not Blisters, More Like Chilblains

Dr John Campbell updates us on the condition known as Covid toe, based on the most recent study from France. Here's what they look like.

Blister Treatmentpre-blister hot spot ball of foot

When Your Hotspot Has Nothing To Do With A Blister

Not every sensation of heat is a sign of a blister coming. Some hotspot sensations lasts a long time but never turn into an actual blister. Here's why.

Blisters By LocationWhy do I have a blister on one foot but not the other

Why A Blister On One Foot Only And Not The Other?

Curious why you've got a blister on one foot only, and not the other. It would actually be weird to get blisters symmetrically on both feet. Here's why.

Blisters By Locationthick toenail with fungal infection before trimming

Thick Toenails: Cause, Symptoms & Treatment

It only takes one episode of trauma to the right (or should I say wrong) part of your toe and you’ll be stuck with thick toenail (onychauxis) for life.

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