Callous & Corns On Feet: Similarities To Blisters

Callous & Corns On Feet: Similarities To Blisters

What causes callouses and corns on feet? Callouses are large in surface area but shallow. Corns are small but deep and more likely to be painful.

Blisters By Locationdon't stick tape to blisters

Pinch Callous: Evidence Of Taping Gone Wrong

This pinch callous turned into a blister, in spite of taping. This is common. Taping is not the best option. Then, because it was weakened, this happened!

Blister Scienceare callouses protective of blisters

Do Callouses Protect Against Blisters?

Some people swear callouses keep them blister-free and build them with pride. Others get them shaved off. So, do callouses protect against blisters?

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