ENGO Blister Patches large ovals two patch technique for forefoot edge blister
Ball Of Foot

Medial Forefoot Edge Blister Prevention

When I played hockey, I had an almost permanent medial forefoot edge blister. This runner had the same. Here's how to prevent them.

Archinstep blisters on feet from running

Top Tips For Arch Blisters: With & Without Orthotics

Arch blisters are curious, in that the arch isn't a particularly weightbearing area of your foot. Learn how to prevent them, even if you wear orthotics.

Blisters By Locationposterior heel edge blister and where the fluid is pushed

Heel Edge Blisters: They Can Trick You

Heel edge blisters occur around the heel’s rim. As your blister fills, pressure pushes the blister fluid upwards, to an area where there's less pressure. Read more here.

Blisters By Locationblisters on tips of toes

Blisters On Tips Of Toes: Causes, Prevention, And Treatment

Rather than your toes hitting the end of your shoe, blisters on tips of toes have more to do with your toes bending over so the toe tip becomes weightbearing.

Ball Of Footbunions and blisters

Bunions And Blisters: A Comprehensive Guide

Bunions are a striking foot deformity. Unsurprisingly, bunions and blisters often go together - in certain shoes and with increased activity.

Blisters By LocationWhy do I have a blister on one foot but not the other

Why A Blister On One Foot Only And Not The Other?

Curious why you've got a blister on one foot only, and not the other. It would actually be weird to get blisters symmetrically on both feet. Here's why.

Blister Treatmentcutting holes in running shoes for toe blisters

Cutting Holes In Running Shoes To Relieve Blisters

In ultramarathon running, feet swell and toes can blister, badly. This article shows how cutting holes in running shoes can help you can stay in the race.

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