pop a blister without a needle
Blister Treatment

How Do You Pop A Blister Without A Needle?

You can pop your blister with something sharp, like scissors, a pin or a pocket knife. But what's the best way to pop a blister without a needle?

Blister ScienceShould A Blister Be Exposed To The Air To Dry Out, Or Bandaged?

Should A Blister Be Exposed To The Air To Dry Out?

Wondering should a blister be exposed to the air to let it dry out. Does it heal faster? Well, at best, it's inconsequential. At worst, it delays healing.

Blister Treatmenthow long does it take for a blister to heal blister healing time

Blister Healing Time: How Long Does It Take For A Blister To Heal?

Days, weeks, longer? How long does it really take for blisters to heal? Here's a photographic timeline of my last blister showing it took a bit over 6 weeks.

Blister Treatmentfelt donut pad for blisters under the ball of the foot

DIY Donut Pads For Blisters Under Your Feet

I’ve got some DIY donut pads for blisters tricks-of-the-podiatry-trade to share so you can get the greatest relief for your blister when you need it most.

Blister Treatmentpre-blister hot spot ball of foot

When Your Hotspot Has Nothing To Do With A Blister

Not every sensation of heat is a sign of a blister coming. Some hotspot sensations lasts a long time but never turn into an actual blister. Here's why.

Blister Treatmentcutting holes in running shoes for toe blisters

Cutting Holes In Running Shoes To Relieve Blisters

In ultramarathon running, feet swell and toes can blister, badly. This article shows how cutting holes in running shoes can help you can stay in the race.

Blister Treatmentinfected blister on toe lance pus

Infected Blister? How To Tell & What To Do About It

If you suspect you've got an infected blister on your foot, there are tell-tale signs to look for. Find out what they are, and what to do about it.

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