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hot shot blister treatment
blister treatment

Hot-Shot Blister Treatment: What Is It?

The hot-shot blister treatment is an interesting (and painful) procedure. Does it help your blister heal faster? Is it worth the pain? Find out here.

blister roofthe different colours of blisters - blister fluid

Blister Fluid Colours: What's Inside Your Blister?

Blister fluid is normally colourless. But it can be all shades of yellow, pink, red and purple. Find out what's inside your blister.

blister treatmenttoe blister treatment and prevention 882

Blister First Aid vs Blister Treatment

Blister first aid is a small (albeit important) part of the blister treatment equation. For real relief, you need some sort of prevention.

blister treatmentWhen to change your blister dressing hydrocolloid photo by Ian Corless

When To Change Your Blister Dressing

It’s important to change your blister dressing at the right time. Otherwise, you risk Infection, maceration and delayed healing.

blister treatmentblood blisters on big toes

Blood Blister On Foot - Do's and Don'ts

Got a blood blister? Treat it carefully. Blood blisters are more likely to get infected, compared to normal blisters. Here's why.

blister treatment6 Most Common Mistakes Treating Blisters

6 Common Blister Treatment Mistakes

There are six common blister treatment mistakes you should avoid if you want your foot blister to feel better and heal faster. Avoid all 6!