burn blister
Blister Science

Burn Blister vs Friction Blister

It's a popular belief that foot blisters are a type of burn blister. It sounds feasible. Rubbing two sticks together generates enough heat to start a fire!

Blister ScienceShould A Blister Be Exposed To The Air To Dry Out, Or Bandaged?

Should A Blister Be Exposed To The Air To Dry Out?

Wondering should a blister be exposed to the air to let it dry out. Does it heal faster? Well, at best, it's inconsequential. At worst, it delays healing.

Blister Scienceare callouses protective of blisters

Do Callouses Protect Against Blisters?

Some people swear callouses keep them blister-free and build them with pride. Others get them shaved off. So, do callouses protect against blisters?

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