the different colours of blisters - blister fluid
Blister Roof

Blister Fluid Colours: What's Inside Your Blister?

Blister fluid is normally colourless. But it can be all shades of yellow, pink, red and purple. Find out what's inside your blister.

Blister Rooffoot blister treatment done properly is important in remote locations

Foot Blister Treatment: How To Treat Blisters Properly

People don't take foot blister treatment seriously. I'll show you how to do it properly, including how to select the best dressing for blisters on feet.

Blister Roof6 reasons not to tape blisters

6 Reasons You Should Not Tape Blisters

Here are 6 reasons why it's a bad idea to tape blisters. You'll make your blister worse, not better. Follow these rules to avoid these blister taping fails.

Blister RoofDeroofed Blister back of heel

Deroofed Blisters: Here's What You Need To Know

Deroofed blisters are simply blisters whose roof has rubbed right off and is probably somewhere in your sock. It's the worst type of blister you can have.

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