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engo patches

ENGO Patches: Where To Buy

Where to buy ENGO Blister Patches? Look no further. Everything you need is right here. Browse our ENGO Collection.

blister scienceGeckos can't stick to PTFE

PTFE Patches, Better Known as ENGO Blister Patches

Discover the unique properties of PTFE patches that explain why ENGO Blister Patches are so effective at managing friction blisters.

engo patcheshow do engo blister patches work

How ENGO Blister Patches Work

ENGO Blister Patches work by reducing the shoe-sock coefficient of friction in both WET and DRY conditions. Learn about their pros and cons.

blisters by locationENGO Blister Patches Rectangle Pack contains 2 ENGO Rectangle Patches

ENGO Rectangle Patches: Big Area Blister Protection

Blisters vary in size. When you have big foot blisters, you need big area protection. That's where ENGO Rectangle Patches come in. Watch the demo video.

blisters by locationengo oval blister prevention patches large oval

ENGO Oval Blister Prevention Patches - How To Use

I've cut open some shoes for this demo video to show you EXACTLY how to use the LARGE & SMALL ENGO Oval Blister Prevention Patches.

engo patcheshow thick is an engo patch

How Thick Is An ENGO Patch?

Blister insoles, paddings, wedges and thick socks can change the way your shoes fit entirely, making blisters worse, not better. So how thick is an ENGO Patch?