Get help choosing your Injinji toesocks
Blisters By Location

This Will Help You Choose Your Injinji Toesocks

This comparison table will help you choose your Injinji Toesocks based on sock properties related to blister prevention, not colour or price.

Blisters By LocationENGO Blister Patches Rectangle Pack contains 2 ENGO Rectangle Patches

ENGO Rectangle Patches: Big Area Blister Protection

Blisters vary in size. When you have big foot blisters, you need big area protection. That's where ENGO Rectangle Patches come in. Watch the demo video.

Blisters By Locationengo oval blister prevention patches large oval

ENGO Oval Blister Prevention Patches - How To Use

I've cut open some shoes for this demo video to show you EXACTLY how to use the LARGE & SMALL ENGO Oval Blister Prevention Patches.

Blisters By Locationbest toenail clippers for thick toenails

The Best Toenail Clippers For You, Especially If You Have Thick Toenails

Most toenail clippers are designed with normal nails in mind, or built down to a price. Not these! They're the best toenail clippers I've ever laid my eyes and hands on!

Blister TreatmentHow to apply an island dressing to the tip of your toe thumb 882

Tip Of Toe Island Dressings: How To Apply

In this video, you'll learn 3 ways to apply tip of toe island dressings neatly, so they stay there all day, and don't cause any irritation.

Blisters By LocationCould You Be Using Wool To Prevent Toe Blisters?

Could You Be Using Wool For Blisters On Your Toes?

Some people swear by using wool to prevent blisters, especially toe blisters. Let's find out how it works, which micron to use, how to apply it and more.

Blisters By Locationgel toe protectors caps and sleeves

Gel Toe Protectors: Gel Toe Caps & Toe Sleeves

Gel toe protectors (sleeves & caps) are infinitely better at preventing toe blisters compared to taping. There are two reasons why.

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