A day on the slopes can be ruined by ski boot blisters - image by maarten-duineveld Unsplash

Ski Boot Blisters: Painful Reality or Non-Issue?

In this article, we explore the prevalence of ski boot blisters, the factors contributing to them, and what skiers are doing to treat them.

Runningrunning blisters on feet

Running Blisters Are A Common Injury [Research]

Would you believe me if I told you running blisters are actually THE most common injury in running? Here's the research to prove it.

Blisters By LocationSharni was getting big toe blisters with football

Big Toe Blisters With Football [Case Study]

Here's a conversation I had with Ray. His daughter Sharni has been getting big toe blisters with football for 4 years. Now... problem solved!

Oxfam Trailwalkeroxfam trailwalker foot care advice thumb

OXFAM Trailwalker Foot Care: The Definitive Guide

Oxfam Trailwalker foot care an important skill to master. Learn more about footwear, socks, blisters, taping and more to help you across the finish line.

Sport-SpecificBlisters in ultramarathon - webinar for Southern Lakes Ultra

Blisters In Ultramarathon [WEBINAR: Southern Lakes Ultra, NZ]

This webinar was produced for the Southern Lakes Ultra 2022 (NZ) participants to help them prepare, prevent and treat blisters in their event.

Runningmarathon blisters runner at finish line ©iancorless.com

Marathon Blisters: Why On Race Day, Not Training?

Ever wondered why you get blisters on race day but not during training? Here are the 5 reasons why race-day marathon blisters are so common.

Case Studyhalf marathon blister prevention plan

Kerry's Half Marathon Blister Prevention Plan

After 30 years of casual running, Kerry was having major trouble with toe blisters. She needed a half marathon blister prevention plan, and quick!

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