running blisters on feet

Running Blisters Are A Common Injury [Research]

Would you believe me if I told you running blisters are actually THE most common injury in running? Here's the research to prove it.

Runningmarathon blisters runner at finish line ©

Marathon Blisters: Why On Race Day, Not Training?

Ever wondered why you get blisters on race day but not during training? Here are the 5 reasons why race-day marathon blisters are so common.

Case Studyhalf marathon blister prevention plan

Kerry's Half Marathon Blister Prevention Plan

After 30 years of casual running, Kerry was having major trouble with toe blisters. She needed a half marathon blister prevention plan, and quick!

Runningrunning blister prevention and treatment

The Running Blister Prevention & Treatment Guide

Runners are highly susceptible to foot blisters. Here are 27 of our best running blister prevention and treatment tips to keep you moving.

Ball Of Footdistal forefoot blister appearing between the toes

Distal Forefoot Blisters: A Confusing Blister Location

Blisters appearing somewhere between the ball of the foot and the base of the toes (distal forefoot blisters) are uncommon and confusing, but preventable.

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