Waterproof socks indispensible

Waterproof Socks Indispensable, But There's a Catch

The only thing that will stop the external water getting in contact with your skin is waterproof socks. But even then there’s a slight catch.

Callouscorn between toes

Painful Corn Between Toes Case Study

Ashley is a runner who's suffering with a painful corn between toes 4 and 5. And it's infected! He's wondering what more he could do to stop it.

Otherwalking trails in tassie

"Mentally" Getting Out Of The House

Four walls. Kids. TV. cabin fever. Dreaming of your next hike? Here are 3 ways for “mentally” getting out of the house and break out of the lockdown blues.

Blister Treatmentwashing hands

Excellent Hand Washing Technique Demo

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, I bet you've never thought so hard about your hand washing technique. This excellent video shows you how.

Blisters By Locationnasty blister on facebook back of heel

Your Worst Blister Experience [Facebook]

Some people think foot blisters are no big deal. So I ran a competition to find some bad blisters; the worst blister story. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Blister Sciencea hotspot is a pre-blister state

A Hot-Spot Is A Pre-Blister State (Your Tiny Window Of Opportunity)

A hot-spot is a pre-blister state. It’s a warning your skin is starting to fatigue. Follow this easy two-step process to stop it progressing to a blister.

BooksFixing your feet 6th edition - John Vonhof

Fixing Your Feet (6th Ed) by John Vonhof

John Vonhof's 6th edition of Fixing Your Feet is now available. If you're serious about foot care in your active lifestyle, add this book to your library.

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