do antiperspirants prevent blisters on feet

Do Antiperspirants Prevent Blisters?

Antiperspirants have an intuitive effect on blisters by reducing sweat and therefore friction levels. But does research demonstrate antiperspirants prevent blisters?

Blister Sciencefriction blister with bandaid

Friction Blister On Foot? How To Deal With The Friction

Friction - it has two different meanings. So, the next time you get a friction blister on your foot, this is what you need to know, and do for best results.

Blister Sciencetargeted friction management

Targeted Friction Management: Why It Matters

Friction isn’t a bad thing, even if you're getting blisters. Without it, your foot would slide around too much. But you need targeted friction management.

Blister Scienceblister care from a different perspective

Blister Care From A Different Perspective

The shoe-sock interface holds huge potential for blister care (prevention and treatment). One of the main advantages is the potential for a lasting effect.

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