Sharni was getting big toe blisters with football
Blisters By Location

Big Toe Blisters With Football [Case Study]

Here's a conversation I had with Ray. His daughter Sharni has been getting big toe blisters with football for 4 years. Now... problem solved!

Blisters By LocationCan you help me with my blister

Rebecca, Can You Help Me With My Blister?

Lots of people get in touch, asking if I can help with their blisters. Of course, I can. I'm very happy to. Here's what we need to know.

Case Studyhalf marathon blister prevention plan

Kerry's Half Marathon Blister Prevention Plan

After 30 years of casual running, Kerry was having major trouble with toe blisters. She needed a half marathon blister prevention plan, and quick!

Case StudyRussells hiking blister prevention plan

Russell's Hiking Blister Prevention Plan

With the help of his podiatrist, Russell built a hiking blister prevention plan that comprehensively dealt with his blisters. See how he did it.

Callouscorn between toes

Painful Corn Between Toes Case Study

Ashley is a runner who's suffering with a painful corn between toes 4 and 5. And it's infected! He's wondering what more he could do to stop it.

Case StudyMartin Fryer ultramarathon blister pevention with engo patches

Ultramarathon Blister Prevention Plan: Martin Fryer

Dr Martin Fryer uses footwear modifications, Compeed and ENGO Blister Patches in his ultramarathon blister prevention plan. See how he does it.

Archlateral midfoot blister location styloid process

Lateral Midfoot & Styloid Process Blisters

I must say, lateral midfoot or styloid process blisters are not common. However, if you have got a blister here, here's what you need to do.

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