lateral midfoot blister location styloid process

Lateral Midfoot & Styloid Process Blisters

I must say, lateral midfoot or styloid process blisters are not common. However, if you have got a blister here, here's what you need to do.

Ball Of Footdistal forefoot blister appearing between the toes

Distal Forefoot Blisters: A Confusing Blister Location

Blisters appearing somewhere between the ball of the foot and the base of the toes (distal forefoot blisters) are uncommon and confusing, but preventable.

Blisters By Locationhold a curly toe straight with tape

How To Hold A Curly Toe Straight With Strapping Tape

Here's a quick video to show how to hold a curly toe straight with strapping tape to stop it bending under the next one and getting blisters on it.

Blisters By Locationwear holes in the back of the shoe heel counter

Why Do I Wear Holes In The Back Of My Shoes?

I used to wear holes in the back of my shoes very quickly, and have to throw them out well before time. It's a common problem. Here how to fix it.

Blister Treatmentengo on toesock

A Solution To Pinch Blisters With Toesocks: Lesson #4 From Adelaide 2019

Here's a handy alternative to relieving pinch blisters with toesocks, when toesocks alone aren't working. This is great when toe-box space is limited.

Ball Of Footmodified donut pad for weightbearing blister 882

Weightbearing Blister Relief: Lesson #3 From Adelaide 2019

A weightbearing blister can be devastatingly painful when you have to keep walking and running on it. Find out what you'll need to give it real relief.

Blisters By LocationDIY felt toeprop

Toe-Props For Toenail Blisters: Lesson #2 From Adelaide 2019

Toe-props for toenail blisters are the perfect solution if your toes bend over. Find out how to make your own, and where to get them custom made.

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