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Sharni was getting big toe blisters with football
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Big Toe Blisters With Football [Case Study]

Here's a conversation I had with Ray. His daughter Sharni has been getting big toe blisters with football for 4 years. Now... problem solved!

blisters by locationCan you help me with my blister

Rebecca, Can You Help Me With My Blister?

Lots of people get in touch, asking if I can help with their blisters. Of course, I can. I'm very happy to. Here's what we need to know.

blisters by locationback of heel blisters

6 Popular Ways To Prevent A Back-of-Heel Blister

Back-of-heel blisters are the most common heel blister. Learn how to implement the 6 most popular preventions and find out how they work.

blisters by locationtoe box width and depth - how to find it

Toe Box Width & Depth: How Do You Find It?

Depending on the shape of your toes, some shoes need more toe box width, others need more toe box depth than average. So, how do you find it?

blisters by locationheel blister treatment band-aid

Heel Blister Treatment & Prevention

Learn how to master the art of heel blister treatment and prevention, including back-of-heel, under the heel and edge heel blisters.

blisters by locationpinch blisters between toes on pinky

Pinch Blisters Between Toes: Pictures and Fixes

You can tell if you're at risk of pinch blisters between toes - you'll notice a ridge of thick skin under your toe. Pictures provided.