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Blister Treatment

Excellent Hand Washing Technique Demo

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, I bet you've never thought so hard about your hand washing technique. This excellent video shows you how.

Blister Treatmentsooner than later

Sooner Rather Than Later: Lesson #6 From Adelaide 2019

It’s smart to take action on blisters, sooner rather than later, before they're in a bad state. Here's why, and an example of the difference it can make.

Blister Treatmentengo on toesock

A Solution To Pinch Blisters With Toesocks: Lesson #4 From Adelaide 2019

Here's a handy alternative to relieving pinch blisters with toesocks, when toesocks alone aren't working. This is great when toe-box space is limited.

Ball Of Footmodified donut pad for weightbearing blister 882

Weightbearing Blister Relief: Lesson #3 From Adelaide 2019

A weightbearing blister can be devastatingly painful when you have to keep walking and running on it. Find out what you'll need to give it real relief.

Blister Sciencefriction blister with bandaid

Friction Blister On Foot? How To Deal With The Friction

Friction - it has two different meanings. So, the next time you get a friction blister on your foot, this is what you need to know, and do for best results.

Blister Sciencepressure mapping

10 Ways To Take Pressure Off A Foot Blister

Here are 10 ways to remove or reduce pressure off your foot blister. Which one you choose depends on where it is, what you're doing and the gear you have.

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