Rubbing does not cause friction blisters on the feet
Blister Science

Rubbing Not Required For Friction Blisters, Here's Why

Some people can’t get past the mistaken/flawed idea that blisters are caused by rubbing. It's understandable. But here's what's wrong with the rubbing theory.

Blister ScienceDeroofed Blister high back of heel grass

Are Blisters Inevitable?

Are blisters inevitable? Sure, they're common. But that doesn't mean they're inevitable. A simple shift in focus away from heat, moisture & friction is needed.

Blister Scienceevery blister prevention strategy works in one or more of these ways

Every Blister Prevention Strategy Works Like This

Preventing blisters can seem hit and miss at times. It shouldn't be. Every blister prevention strategy works in one of five ways.

Blister Sciencefriction blister with bandaid

Friction Blister On Foot? How To Deal With The Friction

Friction - it has two different meanings. So, the next time you get a friction blister on your foot, this is what you need to know, and do for best results.

Blister Scienceskin toughening how do I toughen my feet ©

The Research On Skin Toughening To Stop Blisters

Tough skin is more resistant to blisters, for sure. Here's some practical advice for skin toughening to stop blisters on your feet.

Blister Sciencea hotspot is a pre-blister state

A Hot-Spot Is A Pre-Blister State (Your Tiny Window Of Opportunity)

A hot-spot is a pre-blister state. It’s a warning your skin is starting to fatigue. Follow this easy two-step process to stop it progressing to a blister.

Blister Scienceblister prone feet bandaged

Blister Prone - Is There Such A Thing?

Blister prone is a thing! I've got three studies that show without a doubt, some people's feet are more prone to blisters than others. See it for yourself.

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