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do antiperspirants prevent blisters on feet
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Do Antiperspirants Prevent Blisters?

Antiperspirants have an intuitive effect on blisters by reducing sweat and therefore friction levels. But does research demonstrate antiperspirants prevent blisters?

All Blistersare these waterproof gaiters

Full-Shoe Gaiters In Ultramarathon

This article looks at styles and brands of running gaiters, particularly for ultramarathon, including which one's protect against maceration.

All Blistersoxfam trailwalker foot care advice thumb

OXFAM Trailwalker Foot Care: The Definitive Guide

Oxfam Trailwalker foot care an important skill to master. Learn more about footwear, socks, blisters, taping and more to help you across the finish line.

All BlistersBlisters in ultramarathon - webinar for Southern Lakes Ultra

Blisters In Ultramarathon [WEBINAR: Southern Lakes Ultra, NZ]

This webinar was produced for the Southern Lakes Ultra 2022 (NZ) participants to help them prepare, prevent and treat blisters in their event.

All Blistershow do i keep my feet dry on a hot day

How Do I Keep My Feet Dry On A Hot Day?

Hot days make for sweaty feet. And what about dew-laiden grass, rain, puddles, snow and river-crossings. How do you keep your feet dry?

All Blistersmarathon blisters runner at finish line ©

Marathon Blisters: Why On Race Day, Not Training?

Ever wondered why you get blisters on race day but not during training? Here are the 5 reasons why race-day marathon blisters are so common.

All Blistersevery blister prevention strategy works in one or more of these ways

Every Blister Prevention Strategy Works Like This

Preventing blisters can seem hit and miss at times. It shouldn't be. Every blister prevention strategy works in one of five ways.

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